Power8 Sprints Gym Challenge

6 July 2018

Fancy your chances in a 350m indoor rowing race? Then get involved in the #Power8Sprints Gym challenge!
In the build-up Power8 Sprints on 22 July, British Rowing is running an indoor rowing challenge, the Power8 Sprints Gym Challenge.
The challenge is an individual 350m row or a team relay 4 x 350m (2 men, 2 women).

How to get involved?

Jump on an indoor rowing machine, set the distance to 350m or 4 x 350m, row as hard as you can, log your time below to be entered into the prize draw.
If you enter you could win British Rowing Mizuno kit and the opportunity to be our guest at the Bristol Harbourside Festival and meet some inspiring and awesome Olympic rowers.
Please see the Privacy Notice for this challenge here.

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